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Japan Has Some Damn Good Pot

Posted on April 28, 2010 at 3:51 PM

Well, in addition to my movie and videogame reviews, I will also be posting anime reviews. But, since anime has a somewhat limited following, I've decided to count down the ten weirdest anime ever made, as an attempt to break the ice for my non-otaku audience.

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Reply Sister Grimm
8:09 PM on July 20, 2011 
There was this one Anime I saw about Angles with three wings that had no genders, and this guy who was in love with his sister who was in a coma or something. Thats all I remember, because I spent the rest of the movie trying to figure out what the hell the people who made it were on. Then it just ended, without any explanation as to why it had all happened. I was very confused.
Reply coughman
3:34 PM on April 30, 2010 
no cromartie high? you make me sad Necro.
Reply RawMetal
12:18 AM on April 29, 2010 

10. I Hate that Show
9. FLCL FTW!!!
8. God is "The Thing"!!!
7. I would mind watching this because of the violence
6. She could be a Japanese Mortal Kombat Character.
5. A bread that can make you a SUPER SAIYEN!!!! I NEED TO GO TO JAPAN!!!!
4. BOOBIES!!!!
3. I seen a lot of those on one website.
2. Weird anime movies are getting weirder and weirder,

This is the BEST Necro Critic video so far, Japan drinks Marijana flavored Saki while listening to pop music and smoke Opium. They maybe listening to Primus.
Reply Mess
7:43 PM on April 28, 2010 
I really feel like an Otaku ^^' having seen 8 of the animes and heard about the last one. =p (most of them are really great btw absolutely worth an watch)
Reply [email protected]
6:53 PM on April 28, 2010 
Two words: Holy Crap.

I know anime is weird sometimes, but man, that was... oh words fail me.
How many animes did you saw before compiling this list? My guess is that it was a freakin' lot.

Nice video, by the way.
Reply Shintai
5:12 PM on April 28, 2010 
I love anime, but what in the fuck was that? I have never even heard of like, 7 or so of the anime you listed. I feel like I just went some crazy acid trip or something. Still good video.