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Van Helsing: The London Assignment

Once again, the franchise that refuses to leave Necro alone rears its ugly head.

Posted by necrocritic on December 26, 2015 at 2:54 PM 2860 Views

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Reply Jasmine Sawalmah
2:48 PM on June 6, 2016 
I know I shouldn't be defending Jekyll's reason in making the queen young, but believe it or not, I've seen worse with other fictions of Victoria. There was a depiction where she was not only made young, but she was a child.... WITH THE BODY OF HER DEAD HUSBAND! She even dies with the rotting body while singing London Bridge.
If you're wondering where I saw this, it's from the Black Butler anime.
Reply JawaElite
7:17 PM on February 6, 2016 
Great to see ya back man. Can't wait to see new stuff.
[email protected] says...
Our lord and savior Necro has blessed us with a new video. We thank thee for thy gift Necro and hope thou find peace in thy soul after reviewing this disgusting piece of elephant dung. *Choir of angels singing in the background*

You really like this guy, don't you
Reply BananaPhoPhilly
10:09 PM on January 3, 2016 
You really like this guy, don't you
Reply Amayirot Akago
3:17 AM on December 27, 2015 
Heh, that cameo was a loooooooong time coming. Good review, great to have you back :)
Reply Jukain
11:58 PM on December 26, 2015 
That was great! Glad to have you back, Necro. Been waiting for this once since you posted the destruction montage on your Facebook so long ago. I was thinking that was the ending, but it worked the way you put it in here just as well. And the ending... agreed, Diet Mountain Dew is definitely painful and I don't wish that hell upon anyone. It's almost worse than Van Helsing... almost. But the timing of this was pretty hilarious, given the Jack the Ripper DLC for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate just released recently, and it was a lot better than this steaming pile of fail.
Reply WarriorNun
11:14 PM on December 26, 2015 
Good to have you back! It's been a while! You know I've been thinking about seeing this film back when we still have rental video stores, thank God I haven't. But at least there was always a counter-balance to Van Helsing. And Diabolik Lovers.

...Don't watch that anime series. Van Helsing Prequel is bad enough, I swear to God. I already have you watch School Days. Please...please for the sake of your soul, don't watch it.

Anyways, Hellsing Ultimate for starters and also Dracula Untold, that's a film worthy of guilty pleasure. Ooh, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Anyways, I can't wait to see what else you're gonna take down! ^^
Reply Manman
7:26 PM on December 26, 2015 
Reply Airicktheblack
4:57 PM on December 26, 2015 

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