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Here we go again

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 4:00 AM

Hey guys, so it's been a while since my last video. Due to a combination of technical issues, reshoots, scheduling issues, and personal troubles, there's been a bit of a delay with this one. This is by far my most involved video yet. Anyway, here it is, I promise this will be the last embarassingly late holiday special I ever produce. Enjoy!

Also, as an apology for the recent dry-spell, I will be making a video with YOUR help. What I want you, the fans, to do is tell me what your favorite moment(s) from any of my videos is. Either leave a comment on this post or send an email with the subject "Favorite Necro Moment". When the time comes, I will post a video showcasing The Top 10 Best Necro Critic Moments (So Far), as determined by you.

I also have a few new video projects in the works, as well as a special upcoming announcement regarding the future of my videos, so stay tuned for I promise to be an amazing year.

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Reply Ismaeledger
4:54 PM on March 18, 2018 
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url says...
Reply The one who is the rip-off
9:16 PM on July 7, 2017 
This one clip of you fits into so many situations, it's not even funny... well actually, it is.
The cat's also pretty amazing as well.
Reply Jukain
5:44 PM on July 7, 2017 
Top ten on the best Necro Critic moments so far? I couldn't possibly pick just one. I may even end up with ten of my own... let's see what I can come up with:

1. The mock Final Fantasy battle with Ehrgeiz
3. The reaction to realizing that Cloud doesn't have an ending
4. The sports commentary on the Eiken Bukkake Death Race 2011
6. The Drakengard references in your Baby Geniuses review
7. The Devil Critic remake to your opening title sequence in The Santa Clause 3
8. Your reactions to what they did with the reindeer in The Santa Clause 2
9. The Van Helsing London Assignment DVD destruction scene
10. In general, Shampoo the Stress Relief Cat

These aren't in any particular order, by the way, I just listed them as I thought of them. Though if I'm picking a favorite overall, I love the Eiken rage rant, because it has applications outside of the review. It can be used as a reaction post to someone who has posted something that is excessively stupid. And then the skits, be it the DVD destruction or the sports commentary bit or the fight with Ehrgeiz, those are always great, really personalizes the review.

Edit: changed parenthesis to periods because 8 ) makes an emoticon.
Reply MissBlack
4:13 PM on July 7, 2017 
Oh dear, you could have waited a lil bit and posted an up to date review on 2017 holidays. What a missed oportunity.

I, for once, will be able to watch a Christmas review on actual winter, here on the southern hemisphere, so thank you.

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